The Ice Maiden

We are but machines. Programmed to behave in a certain manner, in a certain environment, at a certain time, to maintain a cycle and repeat that cycle. That is the meaning of life and yet we deviate from it.01 - Hats Off

We evolve through cause and effect. We adapt or we die. We worship, we lead, we desire and reject all in the blink of an eye.02 - Kult

We tether ourselves in the name of purpose for we know that those without anchor drift at their peril and yet we long to be free.03 - Strings

We are the paradox and the paradox is our way. A breathing contradiction, willing to fight in times of peace while shunning the war raging inside us.04 - Inner I

We place our trust in the great unknown and question reality. Placing belief before knowledge and hoping for a better existence rather than taking life to its zenith.05 - Believe

We copulate and call it love. Abandon our paths to satisfy our urges and neglect the fruit of our lust when our cares have a change in priority.07 - Enlighten

We give the world fury when all we feel is pain. We destroy our angels and feed our demons while demanding that justice take its course.08 - Sky Bound

We flee adversity when we know it should be overcome then beg for forgiveness as we know that at times a show of weakness can be our greatest strength.09 - Cool Circuits

We manipulate and deceive to meet our ends before realising that no one will ever truly know who we are without dropping the mask we wear for others.10 - Thing Youre Lucky

We take our chances on whims and throw ourselves in to chaos when our reflections reveal the deep, dark reality of self. We are but human but I. I am different.11 - Mantis