Blind Man Dreaming


Blind Man Dreaming Take 3

“I shouldn’t of taken that drink from her” He thought

“Now I don’t know where I am but I do know that there is something up.”

Second Frame Take 4

“Always a tool for some higher power. Blinded by rage and surviving on instinct. Moving from one place to another to try and start over only to find yourself doing what you have always done. Just in a different shit hole.

Until, of course, you get sidelined by some random chick with an agenda on her mind and a spiked drink in her hand.”

Retribution Test 4

“This is new territory, a different kind of chemical reaction. Yet it has a sense of familiarity.

Her face. Her face brought me here. A face that has been in the back of my mind for years. A face that knows all of my secrets.”

GD Animation 2